I am a surface designer and illustrator native to the sunshine state. I love creating designs and illustrations full of bright colors, silly characters and irreverent patterns for the young and the young of heart.  I am inspired by all things fun; nature, cute animals, silly characters and whimsical shapes. Each of my designs are hand drawn using everything from crayons to charcoal to create a unique designs that are enhanced by Photoshop and Illustrator. My strengths lay in my passion for storytelling, fashion design and my ability to recreate childhood with an illustrative hand drawn approach.

I am always happy to discuss any freelance or licensing opportunities. Please get in touch to find out more if you are interested in any of my designs, I look forward to hearing from you!

CONTACT ME: taylorannemordoh@gmail.com

RECENT CLIENTS: Autostraddle, Shameless Magazine

FEATURES: Pastel Magazine, Osso Magazine